The Bat Group has a good library of bat books, information leaflets, DVDs, teaching materials etc that can be consulted or borrowed by members, some of which are listed below. Some of the information is specifically about Manx bats but we also have many resources about bats around the world. Please ask for details if you are interested in any of these resources.

Bats by Phil Richardson. The Complete Bat by James Robertson. Books

  • Bats, Phil Richardson
  • The Complete Bat, James Robertson
  • Bat Workers' Manual, JNCC


  • BCT leaflets
  • A Guide to British Bats, Field Studies Council
  • How to Make a Bat Box, BCT
  • Make Your Garden Safe for Bats, BCT

Bat Worker's Manual. DVDs, videos and slides

  • Merlin Tuttle – guardian angel of bats (DVD)
  • The Secret World of Bats (DVD)
  • Bat Talk – the secret language of Mexican free-tailed bats (DVD)
  • Controlling Vampire Bats (VHS)
  • Western Forest Bats (slides)
  • Rare and Endangered Bats of North America (slides)
  • Bertie The Bat, children's story narrated by Bernard Cribbins (VHS)